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The Center Of Your Southern Oregon Adventures

Many say Roseburg is “close to everything.” A short drive to the Oregon Coast, Crater Lake, Eugene...and the Heart of the Land of Umpqua. Here you’ll experience our growing winery and brewery scene, the Umpqua Rivers with world-class fishing, mountain biking, rafting, and kayaking, and great things to see and do right in Roseburg itself.

Where Is Roseburg and The Land of Umpqua?

Located “In the center of everything”... we’re just an hour from the Oregon Coast, a short drive to Crater Lake through the most scenic drive in Oregon that leads up to Crater Lake, some of the most epic outdoor sports (fishing, mountain bike riding, rock climbing, rafting, and more!) and is the center of Oregon’s growing wine industry. To see a map of Roseburg, Click Here!

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What's Hot!

  • The Next Napa Valley of Wine

    In the Land of Umpqua we don't make wine complicated, we make it enjoyable. The mineral rich soils of the luscious valleys hidden in the timbered hills allow grapes to bring on a truly vibrant flavor. Here you will find each winery and tasting room has their own unique personality, just like their wine. In the Land of Umpqua you will find we can grow just about every varietal and it's quite possible you will discover more than one grape you've never heard of. The region's growing list of vintners produces a variety of award winning wines, including: Baco Noir, Cabernet Sauvignon, Chardonnay, Tempranillo, and Riesling.

  • Explore the North Umpqua River and the North Umpqua Trail

    Outdoor enthusiasts can't help but come back time and again to explore the enchanting North Umpqua River and trail area. You won't ever hear someone say "there's nothing to do" when they are in the Land of Umpqua. Every season offers a unique adventure and depending on your activity it could be topped with a little excitement as well! Here is where you choose your own adventure: A trail hike or a solo morning fishing trip. White Water Rafting or mountain biking the North Umpqua Trail.

  • Dine, Shop, Explore History and Stay in Roseburg

    Stroll around the downtown area and you will discover shops or restaurants so different from the next it will make you curious to explore even more. Clothing boutiques, antique shops and specialty stores are intermingled with locally owned restaurants that offer a variety of flavors.

  • Take the Video Blast Tour!

    Can you imagine what would happen if a truck full of dynamite exploded in downtown Roseburg? In 1959 it did happen and leveled several city blocks. The Roseburg Blast is a little-known chapter in Oregon history that begins at the Roseburg Area Chamber of Commerce & Visitor Center where you can experience the fury and destruction of the explosion on “The Blast” tour. The self-guided digital tour starts at the chamber and lets you set the pace giving you plenty of time to visit historic downtown along the way!

Around the Land of Umpqua

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